JeonSoft Payroll Suite 2005 is compatible to many hardware devices such as the finger print scanner shown above.

          JeonSoft Payroll Suite 2006 is a Client-Server based Integrated Personnel and Complete Payroll System specifically designed for Philippine use. It is composed of THREE major modules namely the TIME ATTEANDANCE SYSTEM, PAYROLL SYSTEM AND HRIS SYSTEM all rolled into one complete system. The system automates payroll computation while making recording and retrieval of employee records fast and easy.

JeonSoft Payroll Suite 2006 has the following Editions

  Standard Edition Professional Edition Business Edition Enterprise Edition Customized Edition
Unlimited Users Licenses YES YES YES YES YES
Free Email Support 2 Months 2 Months 4 Months 5 Months 6 Months
Free Tele Support 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month 2 Months 2 Months
Number of Workstations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Company License 1 1 1 1 Negotiable
Employee Licenses 50 150 300 500 Unlimited
Training and Implementation Sessions (MAX 4 hrs / session) 2 3 3 4 5
Additional Customizations - Payslip (PS) PS / Report PS / Report 40 Man-Hrs
Service Packs Updates Download Download Download Download Download

Note:  Subject to change. Please call JeonSoft at (632) 452-8007; (632) 938-7788; GLOBE (+63920) 920-0130 for latest specifications and quotations

JeonSoft Payroll Suite 2006 Features List

Time Attendance System General Features

  • Built In Bundy Clock
  • Time Card Entry (Daily Entry or Summary Entry per Payoll Period)
  • Time attendance Text File Import (From other bundy clocks)
  • OT Filing and Approval
  • Leave Filing and Approval
  • Shift Schedule (Per Date Range or Weekday Scheduling per employee)
  • User Editable Holidays and Special Holidays Entries
  • Grace Period Setting
  • Flexitime Setting
  • Time Rounding Setting (Round up or down)
  • Minimum minutes to be considered OT Setting
  • Auto deduct Lunch and Coffee Break Setting
  • Fulfill Core-Hours Settings
  • Basic, OT, OT2, NSD, NSDOT, Excess Settings
  • Regular, Special, Legal Holiday, Special Holiday on Restday and Legal Holiday on Restday Settings

 Payroll System General Features

  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Unlimited Number of Departments
  • Unlimited Number of Positions
  • Unlimited Number of Employee Types
  • Unlimited Number of Cost Centers
  • Three Extra Custom Groupings
  • Daily, Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly pay Frequency
  • Daily Rate or Flat Rate Pay Type
  • User Defined Payroll Templates


  • Unlimited Number of Bonuses and Earnings
  • Unlimited Number of Leaves Creation
  • Maintains Vacation Leave Filing and Approval
  • Maintains Sick Leave Filing and Approval
  • Maintains Emergency Leave Filing and Approval
  • Maintains Maternity Leave Filing and Approval
  • Convert Leaves to Cash Option
  • ECOLA Field
  • Commissions and Piece Rate Computations
  • 13th Month Computation
  • Retirement / Final Pay
  • User configurable if Earning is TAXABLE, SSS, PHILHEALTH, HDMF
  • Tax Shielding Feature
  • User specified frequency of Recurring Income


  • Unlimited Number of Loan Types
  • Unlimited Number of Deduction Types
  • Maintains Loan amortization and balances
  • User specified frequency of Recurring Loan and Deductions
  • Undertime and Absences deductions
  • Union Dues


  • User Editable Phil Health Table
  • User Editable SSS Table
  • User Editable Pag-ibig HDMF Table
  • User Editable TAX Tables
  • Beginning Year To Date entries (up to 3 previous employers)
  • Online Internet SSS status Inquiries
  • Online Internet T.I.N. application

 Other Features

  • Tax Projection Capability
  • Internet Web-based Employee Inquiry of Pay Slips, Loan balances, Leave Balances, Earnings and bonuses.
  • Online Internet Employee Filing of Leaves and Absences
  • Check, Cash, Bank ATM Payment Mode
  • General Ledger Entries Export
  • All Grid Reports can be exported to Text File, HTML or Microsoft Excel
  • Multiple Pay Slips to choose from

 Time Attendance Reports

  • Absences Detailed by Date Range
  • Absences Summary by Date Range
  • Authorized OT by Date Range
  • Monthly Absences Detailed
  • Monthly Absences Summary
  • Monthly Authorized OT
  • Monthly Time Attendance Detailed
  • Monthly Time Attendance Summary
  • Monthly Timesheet Raw Data
  • Monthly Undertime Summary
  • Periodic Absences Detailed
  • Periodic Absences Summary
  • Periodic Authorized OT
  • Periodic Time Attendance Detailed
  • Periodic Time Attendance Summary
  • Periodic Timesheet Raw Data
  • Periodic Undertime Summary
  • Daily Duplicate Attendance
  • Leave Ledger

 Periodic Payroll Reports

  • Periodic Payroll Register
  • Periodic Payroll Register by Department
  • Periodic Payroll Register by Position
  • Periodic Payroll Register by Cost Center
  • Periodic Payroll Register by Custom Groupings
  • Periodic Payroll Register by Payment Methods
  • Periodic Payroll Register Detailed
  • Periodic Payroll Register for Separated Employees
  • Periodic Payroll Register Taxable Income
  • Periodic Payroll Register Earnings Only
  • Periodic Payroll Register Deductions Only
  • Periodic Payroll Register for Separated Employees
  • Periodic Payroll Register for 13th Month Payroll
  • Periodic Payroll Register Tax with Deductibles
  • Periodic Payroll Register Summarized by Department, Position, Cost Center, Custom Groupings, Payment Method
  • Earnings / Deduction / Loans Adjustment
  • Bank Transmittal
  • Bank Advice
  • Periodic Payroll Denomination Breakdown
  • Periodic JV Report
  • Periodic JV Report by Department
  • Periodic JV Report by Position
  • Periodic JV Report by Cost Center
  • Periodic JV Report by Custom Groupings

 Earnings and Deductions Reports

  • Earnings and Deductions Summary
  • Earnings and Deductions Summary by Department
  • Earnings and Deductions Summary by Position
  • Earnings and Deductions Summary by Cost Center
  • Earnings and Deductions Summary by Custom Grouping
  • Earnings and Deductions Summary by Payment Method
  • Earnings and Deductions Summary with Totals
  • Earnings and Deductions Details per Employee
  • Earnings Summary
  • Earnings Summary by Department
  • Earnings Summary by Position
  • Earnings Summary by Cost Center
  • Earnings Summary by Custom Grouping
  • Earnings Detail per Employee
  • Deductions Summary
  • Deductions Summary by Department
  • Deductions Summary by Position
  • Deductions Summary by Cost Center
  • Deductions Summary by Custom Grouping
  • Deductions Detail per Employee

 Monthly Reports

  • Monthly Payroll Register
  • Monthly Payroll Register by Department
  • Monthly Payroll Register by Position
  • Monthly Payroll Register by Cost Center
  • Monthly Payroll Register by Custom Groupings
  • Monthly Witholding Tax
  • Monthly Witholding Tax with Deductibles
  • Monthly Earnings and Deductions Summary
  • SSS Premium Remittances 1
  • SSS Premium Remittances 2
  • SSS Salary Loans
  • PHIC Premium Remittance 1
  • PHIC Premium Remittance 2
  • HDMF Premium Remittance 1
  • HDMF Premium Remittance 2
  • HDMF M1-1
  • Month-To-Date Earnings Summary
  • Month-To-Date Deductions Summary

 Quarterly Reports

  • SSS R-3 Report
  • PHIC RF-1 Report

 Yearly Reports

  • Employee 2316 (W2)
  • BIR Alphalist No Previous Employer
  • BIR Alphalist With Previous Employer
  • BIR Alphalist Terminated Employees
  • Annual Tax Summary
  • Annual Tax Summary with Deductibles
  • YTD Annualized Tax
  • YTD Payroll Register
  • YTD Payroll Register (Detailed)
  • Year-To-Date Earnings Summary
  • Year-To-Date Deductions Summary
  • Employee YTD Payroll Resiger

 Pay Slips

  • Payslip Half Letter Size (Crosswise)
  • Payslip Half Letter Size (Lengthwise)
  • Payslip One Fourth Letter Size
  • Payslip Half Letter Size (Crosswise) with YTD
  • Payslip Half Letter Size (Lengthwise) with YTD
  • Payslip One Fourth Letter Size with YTD
  • Custom Payslip 1
  • Custom Payslip 2
  • Custom Payslip 3

 Diskette Submissions

  • SSS Salary Loans Diskette
  • SSS Monthly Remittance Diskette
  • SSS NET Monthly Contribution List (MCL)
  • SSS NET Pre-Validation File (PVF)
  • PHIC RF-1 Diskette
  • HDMF Premium Remittance Diskette
  • HDMF Loan Payment Diskette
  • BIR Alphalist Diskette

 Employee Certificates

  • Certificate of Withholding Tax
  • Certificate of SSS Employee Contribution
  • Certificate of PhilHealth Employee Contribution
  • Certificate of HDMF Employee Contribution
  • Certificate of SSS Salary Loan Payment
  • Certificate of SSS Calamity Loan Payment
  • Certificate of SSS Emergency Loan Payment
  • Certificate of HDMF Housing Loan Payment
  • Certificate of HDMF Salary Loan Payment
  • Certificate of Other Deductions

 Loan Reports

  • Monthly SSS Salary Loan Payment
  • Monthly SSS Calamity Loan Payment
  • Monthly SSS Emergency Loan Payment
  • Monthly HDMF Loan Payment
  • Monthly HDMF Housing Loan Payment
  • Monthly Company Loan Payment
  • SSS Salary Loan Ledger
  • SSS Calamity Loan Ledger
  • SSS Emergency Loan Ledger
  • HDMF Loan Ledger
  • HDMF Housing Loan Ledger
  • Company Loans Ledger

 HR Reports

  • Employee Master File
  • Employee Educational Background
  • Employee Training Record
  • Employee Medical Record
  • Employee Employment History
  • Employee Performance History
  • Employee Promotion History
  • Employee Memo History
  • Employee Benefits History


  • And Many Many More...

 Password Security and Access (forms) Per User Log-in using Jibes Security System

      To ensure the security maintenance of JeonSoft Payroll System, it is bundled with JADE (Jeonsoft Administrative Enforcer) programmed to protect the security transactions of your system. Users will be asked to enter their login name and password to confirm if they are entitled to access the system. Using JADE, Administrators can also assign a specific module for employees to access since they are only entitled to access modules that are related to their work.

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